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We provide conditions for staff professional growth, timely payment of high official wages and the full set of employee benefits, including free meals, clothing, transportation to work, extra payments to members of the same family, help during difficult life situations, discounted sale of our own produce, and much more. This is at the core of our social responsibility to our community, and most importantly, the revival of the Russian village.

Charity plays an important role in our company. We help medical facilities, schools, kindergartens, rural community centres and age care homes by purchasing equipment for them and renovating their buildings. Providing regular financial help to villages helps to improve the lives of rural residents, develop the infrastructure, and help them to receive decent education and medical care. We do all that we can to help the revival and prosperity of the Russian village.

AGROECO Group was applauded for its work in this area in February 2019, when it won the prestigious regional competition ‘The Media, Business and Government Ball’. Nine companies in the Black Earth Region fought for the title of Philanthropist of the Year. The top three were AGROECO Group, Chizhov Gallery Association (editor’s choice) and Angstrem LLC. AGROECO Group scored the highest during voting.

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