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Providing conditions for professional growth for the staff, timely and high official salary, full social benefits: free meals, clothing, transportation to work, extra payments for the members of the same family, help in the difficult situations, discount prices for manufactured products, and many other benefits – this is our social responsibility to people, and most of all – restoration of Russian rural areas.

Charity work takes special place in our Company activities. We support healthcare facilities, schools, daycares, village recreation centers, retirement homes – we buy equipment and make repairs on the premises. Periodic financial support for villages helps to improve residents quality of life, develop infrastructure, get decent education and healthcare. This is our fair contribution into restoration and prosperity of rural areas.

In February 2019, AGROECO Group of Companies activity in this field was highly appreciated and won coveted regional competition Media, Business and Government Ball. Nine companies of the Central Black Earth Economic Region competed for the Patron of the Year award. But only AGROECO GC, Chizhov Gallery Association (editorial choice) and PK Angstrem, ООО (industrial complex, limited liability company) made it in the top three. AGROECO Group of Companies received most scores in the voting.

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