Top operating performance
in Russia

4,100 kg
of meat per sow
produced in 2019
934 g
average daily weight gain
in finishers
carcass yield
for an animal weighing 130 kg
> 37
weaned piglets
per sow on average per year
> 18 heads
live piglets
per farrowing
> 2.4
litters per sow per year
All our complexes have been awarded the highest animal welfare status: compartment IV. Our livestock are classified as Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) according to the global swine health classification system.
A unique and first-class biosecurity system
The highest animal welfare conditions
Our company guarantees that our produce is high quality and meets all global standards, including Decision No. 28 of the EEC Collegium
We use equipment from leading European and American companies
Our animals are raised on natural and safe feed that is free from GMO
Formulations for all groups of pigs are calculated using the state-of-the-art BESTMIX feed formulation software, which contains the latest research about feed nutrition
Compound feed is produced in modern feed mills equipped with the best imported equipment from Van Aarsen
Our production technology uses the best practices of Spanish, German, American and Canadian pig breeding companies, adapted for the Russian reality