Agroeco Group of Companies drives up feed production

26 March 2021
Installation of the second granulation line equipment has started on the AGROECO feed plant in Pavlovsky District of the Voronezh Oblast.

Total price of the new equipment manufactured by Van Aarsen, Dutch company, is 2 mln Euro. Line capacity is 20 ton per hour. Works will be finished by summer in 2021.

At the feed plant in Pavlovsky district of the Voronezh Oblast, there are plans to erect 16 bunkers with a 50 tons capacity for finished products each, and build 12 silo towers on the elevator with a capacity of 5 thousand tons of grain each. Further, there are plans to construct 8 additional bunkers for powdery feedstock. As a result, the plant capacity will grow up from 25 tons to 50 tons per hour. This expansion is expected to cost 810 mln rubles.

In 2022 AGROECO has plans to launch a phased expansion of the enterprise in the Kurkinsky district of the Tula Oblast, which was commissioned into operation in July 2020. Initial plant capacity was 20 tons per hour. The planned third stage of the enterprise includes construction of 18 silo towers with capacity of 5 thousand tons each and two silo towers with capacity of 500 tons each. The fourth stage includes installation of additional mixed feed line with capacity of 20 tons per hour, 8 bunkers of finished products with capacity of 50 tons each and 16 bunkers for storage of powdery feedstock with total capacity of 250 tons.

“Plant expansion will allow us to satisfy needs of our own sites and increase mixed feed supply to third party customers,” said Vladimir Maslov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGROECO Group of Companies.
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