AGROECO GROUP OF COMPANIES has grown more than all other Russian animal feed producers

28 April 2021
In the last year, AGROECO Group had the largest growth in the volume of feed production – by 223 thousand tons – among the top 25 companies that confirmed this indicator.

These results were reported by the distinguished industry magazine Agroinvestor on the basis of official data on feed producers in Russia in 2020. According to media analysis, the company rose from 16th to 12th place in the ranking of the largest industry businesses.

In 2020, the volume of AGROECO feed production increased to 685 thousand tons, thanks to the opening of a new plant in Kurkinsky District of the Tula Oblast. AGROECO Group of Companies has three feed mills with a total capacity of 830 thousand tons. The Company fully provides feeds for its needs on the livestock sites and sells the rest on the market. There are further plans to increase productivity of the plant in Pavlovsky District of Voronezh Oblast from 210 thousand tons to 410 thousand tons per year, and in 2022 – to expand production capacity of the plant in Tula Oblast.
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