AGROECO Group of Companies launched three new pig farms in Novokhopersk district

25 November 2020

AGROECO Group of Companies launched three new pig farms in Novokhopersk district

Three farms, Centralnaya, Vladimirskaya and Pykhovskaya, have been commissioned so far and started production.

Each farm is a monocomplex consisting of breeding unit (for 4.2 thousand breeding pigs), nursery and feeding unit. Production capacity is 16 thousand ton, simultaneous handling – 70 thousand animals. Thanks to the launch of these facilities, 280 new jobs were created in the district in total, including people in small communities.

Pig complexes are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, with automated processes.

“We have a long history of close cooperation with Novokhopersk district. Three our complexes already work here, and there will be six farms with the new ones. In total, more than 1000 locals work here. This district rapidly develops in respect to agriculture and livestock breeding field. Comfortable environment was created here for investors, and we, in our turn, adopted a complex approach in our work: aside from pig breeding, we develop crop harming, take part in creation of modern infrastructure in villages,” said Vladimir Maslov, Chairman of the Group of Companies` Board of Directors.

Indeed, in 5 years AGROECO`s charity fund has directed more than 20 million rubles for the district`s social projects. This sum was spent to help with repair of schools, community centers and hospitals, project of new pediatric out-patient clinic in Novokhopersk was designed.

Pig farms in Novokhopersk district were built as a part of implementation of the fifth stage of the AGROECO`s investment project. In total, 7 farms will be built until late 2021. Launching of these farms will allow the Company to reach more than 340 thousand ton of pork production as early as 2022.

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