AGROECO Group of Companies successfully exports pedigree animals

12 October 2020

AGROECO Group of Companies successfully exports pedigree animals

Most demand comes from the CIS countries.

AGROECO Group of Companies develops pedigree breeding and genetic works, and expands sales geography. Recently, three lots of purebred and hybrid pigs were supplied to Leninskoe complex in Kazakhstan. One lot of animals each was sent to Armenia and inside Russia but for very large distance – to Vladivostok for Rusagro company.

“It was the first time we transported animals by air – we got pigs from Canada earlier by air, but never shipped to our partners in this way,” tells head of the sales of pedigree breeding unit of AGROECO Group of Companies Indira Onipchenko. “Of course, it was exciting but shipment to Vladivostok was successful. We will use this new experience in the future – we are going to send to Rusagro five more lots of animals.”

AGROECO Group of Companies sells purebred animals to other pig farms inside and outside the country.

Maternal lineages of our animals are represented by two breeds: Canadian Yorkshire and Canadian Landrace, who have high maternal characteristics, and rapidly gain weight. Paternal line is represented by Duroc breed which is the globally renowned terminal boar of the highest quality.


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