AGROECO Group showed 30% production growth by 9 months results

08 October 2021
By the results of 9 months of 2021, the AGROECO Group of Companies produced 207 thousand tons of pork in live weight. Last year, this figure at the completion of third quarter was 160 thousand tons. Thus, for 9 months, the Group showed pork production growth by 30%. The livestock on the Company`s feeding lots includes more than 1.1 million animals.

These indicators were achieved due to the commissioning of new pig breeding complexes in Voronezh Oblast and complete formation of a livestock cluster in Tula Oblast. By its own estimates, in 2022 the Company will surpass the mark of simultaneous management of 1.5 million animals.

In addition, AGROECO continues to develop other fields of work. Modernization of the feed mill in Tula Oblast is underway, and expansion of the elevator at the plant in Pavlovsky District of Voronezh Oblast has been completed. Actual production of mixed feeds has exceeded 500 thousand tons.

Slaughtering line of one of the largest enterprises in the country, AGROECO`s Pavlovsk meat processing plant, is being prepared for operation. Its maximum capacity will be 3.8 million animals per year. Capacity of the slaughtering line is 600 animals per hour. Full launch of the enterprise will complete vertical integration of the agricultural holding, allowing it to enter retail with products of deep processing, and will provide an opportunity for export.

AGROECO Group has nearly 5 thousand employees, and more than 4.5 thousand of them work in rural areas. Despite challenges associated with coronavirus pandemic, and cases of ASF in the country, the company is constantly developing and continues to implement investment projects.
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