AGROECO summarized production results and awarded its best employees

15 February 2021

AGROECO summarized production results and awarded its best employees

Report meeting in Bobrov town in Voronezh region was dedicated to operations of production facilities; over 100 employees, whose contribution in the achievement of target values was the greatest, were awarded.


According to 2020`s results, the Company has again achieved high performance indicators. Pork meat production on the live weight basis was increased up to 226 thousand ton, mixed feeds production – up to 685 thousand ton. Thanks to this, AGROECO was able to once again take its confident place in the top 10 of largest Russian pork meat producers according to the data of National Pig Breeding Union.

In 2020, the Company successfully commissioned into operation new farms in Voronezh region – three in Novokhopersk district, and one in Vorobevsk and Talovsk district each; it also completed development of animal husbandry cluster in Tula region. Thanks to this, it was able to achieve significant growth in pork meat production, and strengthen its positions on the mixed feed market. Moreover, the Company continues to develop other fields. In milk production, total yield was increased by 3 thousand ton, and land bank for crop farming was expanded up to 74.500 ha.


“Outstanding results, up to par with the best global companies, and we credit it to everyone who works in production. It`s very important for me to thank everyone for their daily work, sense of responsibility, dedication and high professional skills,” said Vladimir Maslov, Chairman of the AGROECO`s Board of Directors. “This year will be not less challenging then the previous one.” “Our Company grows and launches new facilities. Now we erect 5th phase facilities, and the largest national enterprise – meat processing plain in Pavlovsk district, Voronezh region. I`m confident we will continue to maintain high standards, because we are a concerted and professional team.”


Over 100 best employees were awarded by the year results at pig husbandry complexes, mixed feed plants and other divisions in Voronezh and Tula regions. Their staff has received cash bonuses, commemorative cups and commendations from the Company`s management.
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