Aleksandr Gusev, Governor of Voronezh Region, met with Vladimir Maslov, Chairman of the Board of AGROECO Group of Companies

28 July 2020

Aleksandr Gusev, Governor of Voronezh Region, met with Vladimir Maslov, Chairman of the Board of AGROECO Group of Companies

Discussion on current investment projects of the company in this region was one of the meeting`s main topics.

For instance, total amount of the company`s investments into economics of Voronezh Region in the last year was 46.1 bln rubles. By 2022, there are plans to grow investment volume up to 62.2 bln rubles. At the present, number of employees in villages is 3.2 thousand, in two years its number should raise up to 6 thousand. Holding`s assets now include 33 state-of-the-art manufacturing sites, and in the foreseeable future this number will increase up to 42 sites.


In the course of this meeting, new Pavlovsk meat-processing plant of AGROECO Group of Companies was discussed. It is estimated that the plant will launch in the 1st quarter of 2021. It will be one of the largest production sites in the Central Russia for pork meat treatment. Total amount of investments in this project will be more than 13 bln rubles. About 5.4 bln rubles was utilized at the moment. Construction proceeds by the planned schedule. Work is completed for about 50%.

As was announced earlier, Fund for Single-Industry Towns Development diverted one billion rubles for construction of utilities and transport infrastructure for the new meat-treatment AGROECO plant. It should be noted that this is one of the largest infrastructure projects of the Fund.

Meat-treatment AGROECO plant will be one of the most innovative enterprises in treatment industry. It will utilize concept of aided production based on the intellectual IT-infrastructure, integration with the state veterinary information systems, advanced safety technologies, including computer vision systems and systems for management of personnel work, production process and sanitary norms.

Launching of this plant at the first stage will provide more than one thousand jobs in single-industry Pavlovsk town, and after attaining full production capacity, it will provide additional 2.5 thousand jobs.

By 2022, full capacity of the plant will be approximately 3.8 mln animal units annually.

Products will be supplied to all Russian regions.

Aleksandr Gusev and Vladimir Maslov have also discussed export capabilities of the company, which have very good prospects.

Besides meat-treatment plant, AGROECO is constructing pig-breeding sites. Specifically, three sites are planned for handover in Novokhepersk district, and one – in Talovsk district. State-of-the-art complex is planned for construction in Verkhnemamonsk district.

Vladimir Maslov has also told the Governor about Company`s social projects.

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