AGROECO Group announces additional safety measures due to the coronavirus outbreak

19 March 2020

AGROECO Group is one of the largest pork producers in Russia has announced additional safety measures due to the coronavirus outbreak

The company is closely following all government recommendations and regulations, as well as implementing several additional measures: 

- Overseas work trips have been suspended
- Staff travel within Russia and to neighbouring regions have been restricted
- Access to company facilities has been stopped for foreign specialists
- Staff temperature checks have been introduced at all company facilities
- Disinfectant containers have been installed
- Staff have been provided with medical masks; cleaning and disinfecting agents have been purchased

The company has reduced the number of meetings, some are being conducted remotely. Staff with signs of URTI are forbidden from coming to work for 2 weeks. Part of the workforce has been moved to working from home as a preventive measure.

Employees are encouraged to avoid mass gatherings and visiting public spaces unless necessary.

Company transport is undergoing additional disinfection. All buildings, including offices, farms, plants and depots are being thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.

AGROECO Group facilities possess an effective biosecurity system. The need for safe feed is fully met by our own feed mills, which have sufficient raw materials for the next few months.

Concerning the effect of coronavirus on the market - AGROECO Group notes that all production sites in the Voronezh and Tula Regions are operating as normal and shipments are being carried out as planned. We do not anticipate any pork deficit in the regions of operation.
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