Heat treatment shop and a new generation farm have been commissioned

24 May 2021

Voronezh region Governor Alexander Gusev visited the sites of AGROECO GC in Pavlovsky and Kalacheyevsky districts.

Heat treatment shop is one of modern enterprises in Russia engaged in processing of biowaste. It is an important production unit of the meat processing plant under construction in the territory of advanced socio-economic development “Pavlovsk”.

The shop is equipped with OESTERGAARD equipment that complies with the respective European quality and environmental safety standards. The enterprise’s operation is environment friendly generating no offensive odors. An oxidizer installed allows to eliminate organic emissions into the air. The heat generated during the combustion of exhaust air is used for internal technological needs.

Heat treatment shop of AGROECO GC

Governor Alexander Gusev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGROECO GC Vladimir Maslov, Vice-Chairman of the Government Victor Logvinov

Three production lines at full capacity may produce in total over 1,300 tons of meat and bone meal (MBM), over 730 tons of feeding fat and over 140 tons of blood flour. Owing to the heat treatment shop, the meat processing plant of AGROECO GC will reach zero waste level.

The capacity of future meat processing complex will amount to 3.8 million of animals annually. Project investments will exceed RUB 13 billion. Production processes are expected to be fully automated based on the latest IT developments in management. In 2021, more than 1,300 employees will start their work at the meat processing plant, with total headcount exceeding 2,200 employees.

“Our main facility is a meat processing plant. We have to commission it by the end of this year. The first finished products are already in the market, and we plan to sell and export them. Commissioning of the plant will certainly bring more tax revenues and jobs. So, we plan to increase headcount up to 6,000 staff in the nearest future. I would like to thank Alexander Gusev and the Government of the Voronezh region for the conditions created for investors who work in the region today” – said Vladimir Maslov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGROECO GC.

Governor Alexander Gusev asked about the market behavior and whether the production volumes meet demand. According to Vladimir Maslov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGROECO GC, MBM is in great demand. Poultry farms and enterprises purchase it as a food supplement with protein content reaching 70%. The Company plans to export the products of the heat treatment plant in the future.

Governor Alexander Gusev

Heat Processing Plant of AGROECO GC

Heat treatment of raw materials using a unique equipment at temperatures up to +180 C and pressure up to 12 atm makes it possible to produce products that do not contain residual RNA and DNA of pathogens. All production lines, raw materials and finished goods flows are separated. The entire production process is carried out in a closed circuit, eliminating the ingress of extraneous contamination. The vehicles are being cleaned and disinfected.
Safety issues are a top priority at all AGROECO facilities, including a new pig-breeding complex Kolos, the Company's third production site in the Kalacheyevsky municipal district.

Governor Alexander Gusev, Vice-Chairman of the Government Victor Logvinov

Head of Administration of the Kalacheyevsky district Nikolay Kotolevsky

Pig-breeding complex Kolos

Vladimir Maslov told the Head of the district that the complex is designed for the maintenance of 4,000 heads of breeding sows, and the annual production capacity will be about 16,000 tons of pork in live weight. More than 100 new jobs have been created at the site, and it is practically staffed mainly by residents of neighboring villages that is crucial for development of the district and improving the living standards of people.

Governor Alexander Gusev

All AGROECO’s complexes have been awarded the highest animal welfare status: compartment IV. Our livestock are classified as Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) that means a high level of health and welfare of animals. Pig-breeding complex Kolos will also have a strict biosafety system and multi-level verification of compound feed to control the absence of chemical additives. Employees may start their work only after taking a shower and a complete change of clothes and shoes

Alexander Gusev appreciated the exceptional sanitary protection system at the complex.

The new complex is also equipped with the automated feeding and micro-climate maintenance systems. Owing to sensors, the program reacts to temperature and humidity deviations and automatically adjusts them to the best values.

Following the visit to the pig-breeding complex, Alexander Gusev, Vladimir Maslov and Nikolay Kotolevsky, Head of Administration of the Kalacheyevsky district, signed a tripartite cooperation agreement between the Government of Voronezh region, AGROECO GC and the District.

Governor Alexander Gusev, Head of Administration of the Kalacheyevsky district Nikolay Kotolevsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGROECO GC Vladimir Maslov

As Alexander Gusev has commented, AGROECO is our reliable, trusted partner. We have already signed several agreements and we understand that the Company meets its commitments. And, certainly, the economic benefits derived from the complex’s operations are crucial, i.e. high-tech production, jobs, and a good salary.

The Governor has highlighted that the Company develops a deep processing of the products that is in line with modern trends and priorities of agricultural sector development in the district. AGROECO takes the leading positions in the Voronezh region. The Company's share is 66% totaling more than 1/3 of meat production.

As part of the Agreement, the Company plans to implement an investment project to expand production in the Kalacheyevsky district. The investments will amount to RUB 1.3 billion. In addition, AGROECO GC intends to support integrated rural development projects and ensure ongoing assistance in resolving other social issues in the areas of its presence. The Administration of the district has undertaken to assist in expanding the company's land pool by 7,000 hectares, required for the Company’s sustainable operations and investments in the district.

For reference

AGROECO Group of Companies operates in the territory of Voronezh and Tula regions. According to the 2020 rating of the National Union of Pig Producers, the Company is a top ten in Russia. The prior year overall pork production reached 226.7 thousand tons due to commissioning of new sites. The volume of compound feed production also increased and amounted to 685 thousand tons according to the previous year performance.

The Group of Companies is the largest employer in the district. More than 3,000 employees are engaged in rural areas. Total investments in the economy of the Voronezh region are expected to reach RUB 62 billion by 2022.

The Company’s assets include 38 modern production sites, 2 feed mills, 2 breeding and genetic centers, transportation company, a cattle dairy farm in the Verkhnemamonsky district built in the Voronezh region, AGROECO Market chain of stores and in-house crop production.

Charitable donations of AGROECO Charity fund have exceeded RUB 220 million to support social projects in the areas of the Company’s presence.

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