Sales of the company's pedigree animals have grown

27 September 2021
In 8 months of 2021, AGROECO Group sold 6,400 breeding animals. This is already 400 more animals than in the whole last year. Also, during this period, more than 22 thousand doses of genetic material were sold. Territory of the company's sales is extensive and covers most regions in Russia and neighboring countries.

Every week company supplies breeding animals and genetic material both by air and road vehicles. So, in September 2021, Yorkshire pigs and Duroc boars lot was successfully delivered to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, animals were airborne for 9 hours.

“We not only sell animals, but also provide after-sales support so our customers can get maximal performance from breeding,” said Ekaterina Krishtafuk, head of the breeding material sales department.

AGROECO Group is an exclusive distributor of Danish Genetics products on the Russian market. Morozovsky Breeding and Genetic Center is one of the largest nuclei of Danish genetics in Eastern Europe. Breeding animals give an excellent yield of processed products during slaughter and deboning, show one of the best performance in the industry in terms of feed consumption per 1 kg of weight gain. Their meat has high PH level and excellent taste characteristics.
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