Started production of specialty and ready-to-cook AGROECO grill line

08 July 2021
In June, new brand products shop has been launched.

AGROECO Group has commissioned into operation a semi-finished products shop for its brand retail network.

Company is going to produce smoked specialties and chilled ready-to-cook foods of the grill line from its own raw meats – natural coating sausages and shashlik. Company will produce 13 tons of products each month. Recipes contain only natural ingredients. New AGROECO workshop will conform to the highest standards of sanitary culture and biosafety.

On the shelves of 17 brand shops AGROECO-Market, we can already find the company's own line of sausages. Classic sausages by traditional recipe seasoned with only salt and pepper are suitable for everyone, including children. To the recipe of chopped sausages, spices with Italian herbs were added. Homemade sausages are good for grilling or roasting in the oven. Snack sausages for beer will surprise you with the taste of smoked paprika.
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