Thanks to employees` insights, the Company has saved 20 million rubles

20 October 2021
Since the beginning of this year, employees of AGROECO Group have submitted 53 proposals to improve production processes under the Your Idea Works program. Total economic effect of 17 implemented proposals amounted to almost 20 million rubles. Participants of the motivational program were awarded with diplomas and bonuses.

Employee of the logistics department, chief mechanic Sergey Popov, received monetary bonus for proposal to replace valves on semi-trailers of feed trucks with ball valves. Annual economic effect of this proposal amounted to more than 1 million rubles.

Vladimir Dubovoy, an expander operator at feed mill, suggested using a bunker with capacity of 8 tons to optimize process of feeding raw materials to the production line. This proposal allowed to save time, power and increase plant performance.

An employee of the Company's feed mill in Tula Oblast also shared suggestions for improving production processes. Chief technologist Albert Sysoev solved issue of mixing raw materials during acceptance into production.
“We have reduced risks of deviations in the nutritional value of our feeds. This is very important for both internal and external customers,” Albert Sysoev said.

Thanks to the Your Idea Works program, each employee of AGROECO Group can submit an idea to the Company's top management to improve production performance, optimize business processes, improve product quality, etc. Bonuses for initiative employees are calculated based on economic effect of the idea. This system has been working since 2016, and 182 proposals were received since its start.
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