Students from an agricultural class in the Pavlovsky District visited an AGROECO feed mill

05 February 2020

Students from an agricultural class in the Pavlovsky District visited an AGROECO feed mill

An excursion to our company’s mill in Gavrilsk Village was organized for students last weekend.

As they moved from one room to the next and from floor to floor, senior students saw all stages of feed production and the modern equipment for themselves, as well as getting the chance to talk to staff. Undoubtedly, the control room made the biggest impression on the school students.

“Honestly, I was amazed that nearly all the processes can be controlled from here, while sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the computer. I imagined that working at such a facility would be completely different and I’m very glad that my assumptions turned out to be incorrect. Seeing the conditions here, it’s an additional stimulus to get into university and come and work at such a plant,” says Maria Polchenko, a Grade 10 student from Vorontsovka.

One and a half hours flew by. When saying goodbye to the students, the Workplace Safety Manager Dmitry Kabanov noted that working at AGROECO Group provides a unique opportunity for career growth as well as a comfortable life for those, who are prepared to work hard.

“The company’s social policy is directed at improving the living standards of its employees. You’ve seen for yourself today that we work on a modern enterprise that’s as good as the ones overseas. We use the latest technology, everything’s clean and neat, and we have optimal working conditions. Plus, AGROECO is building the largest meat-processing plant in our district, and it will soon need staff. Perhaps the graduates of the agricultural class will have their work placements there, and then become employees of the company,” said Dmitry Kabanov.

The agricultural class commenced at Vorontsovka School on 1st of September. The special class curriculum spans 2 years, covering Grade 10 and 11. Classes take place every Saturday. The educational program partners are the Voronezh State Agricultural University named after Peter the Great, the district administration, the school, AGROECO Group and Agrofirm Pavlovskaya Niva. School students obtain theoretical and practical knowledge, complete individual practical tasks and projects. They are able to access laboratories, the academic and research units of the agricultural university, and the district’s farm production facilities. As well as certificates, successful graduates of the agricultural class will also receive additional marks to help their admission to the Voronezh State Agricultural University.
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