Swine breeding

tonnes of live pork weight
produced in 2021
heads sold
in 2021
up to 130 kg
weight of market animals
for sale
AGROECO Group is one of the largest pork producers in Russia and the largest one in the Voronezh Region.
Animal shipment sites are located in the Voronezh and Tula Regions.

The advantage of our market animals

  • The herd is Specific Pathogen Free (SPF)
  • Improved carcass quality due to optimal conditions for slaughter and a slaughter age of 175 days
  • 74% CARCASS YIELD for an animal weighing 130 kg
  • High % of preserved internal organs during slaughter
  • High carcass quality (absence of pleuritis, infiltrates and other undesired tissues)
  • High yield after deboning
  • Normal pH values (5.7-6.2 one hour after slaughter)
  • Our animals are raised on natural, safe and traceable feed
  • Hard-melting fat
  • The highest animal welfare conditions

When you work with us, you get:

High-quality products
Personal manager
Flexible pricing
Fast product loading
Weekend dispatch
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