Our retail chain offers you the unique opportunity to purchase Canadian Duroc premium pork.

This breed requires special living conditions and diet. To obtain high-quality meat, Duroc pigs require a much more sophisticated diet than a standard market pig. Dairy products, vegetable oil and vegetable feed are also added to their diet to improve meat quality. We use only our own vegetable feed. With this approach, the meat develops layers of intramuscular fat, giving it a delicate structure and superior gastronomic qualities. Duroc is a high quality meat breed with a fat content below 15%. The meat has a rich red colour, tender structure and the characteristic fat layering known as marbling.

Marbled meat is not only delicious but also healthier. Thanks to the pig breed and its special diet, the meat contains higher levels of amino acids, protein, zinc and iron. The cholesterol level in this meat is 3 times lower than in bacon breeds. AGROECO is the only producer in the Voronezh Region with its own stock of Canadian Duroc marbled pigs.

animal diet
Only our own
vegetable feed
Tender and
Fat content less
than 15%
3 times less
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You will not find Duroc meat on the shelves of other stores, because the number of heads is limited, so marble pork is sold only through our own retail network.