Mixed Feed section

AGROECO Group of Companies produces and markets high quality mixed feeds for farm animals and poultry. Our plants are located in Pavlovsky District and Talovsky District in Voronezh Oblast, and Kurkinsky District in Tula Oblast.

AGROECO Group of Companies mixed feed plants are contemporary production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and automated production process. Our products comply with all applicable nutritional and safety requirements.

Advantages of AGROECO`s mixed feeds

Formulation. Capability to produce mixed feed / pre-starter by the customer`s formula or by our proprietary formulas. Capability to use customer`s raw materials in mixed feed production.
Biosafety. Our Company focuses on biosafety in design and construction of plants and elevators, dividing the premises in clean and gray zones. To prevent potential intercrossing of transport with raw materials and finished products, facilities ensure availability of separate buildings, roads, infrastructure and personnel. There are no animal husbandry and poultry farms, slaughter and meat processing facilities near mixed feed plants. Plants implement routine measures for rodent and birds control.
Raw material quality control. Raw materials, supplied to mixed feed plants, undergo strict multistage testing in the laboratory and research center. Validating laboratories monitor grain and farinaceous components, oils, and select all packaging components for further testing in chemical laboratories. Grain from each vehicle is tested for contamination, heavy and foreign grain impurities, humidity, etc. If necessary, grain will be additionally dried in MEGA driers to reach target humidity values, and cleaned in Buhler separators. Grain and farinaceous raw materials are tested for key nutritional parameters in infrared analyzers.
State-of-the-art technology. Leading global manufacturers of equipment for elevators and mixed feed plants (Van Aarsen, Amandus Kahl, Buhler) contributed in the design, providing engineering services from the best Western specialists. Software is capable to generate detailed reports of the production process: any lot may be tracked for the amount of each component, information about manufacturer, supplier, lot and delivery date.
Dosage accuracy. High-sensitivity weighting platforms ensure accuracy of formulation, even in the presence of many different components.
Unique soybean processing line. The only plant in Russia with hydrothermal reactor ensures homogeneous gentle soybean boiling prior to expansion. Thanks to this, products have stable nutritional parameters and low content of antinutrients. Quality control complies with American Soybean Union procedures which take into account such parameters as trypsin inhibitors, soluble protein and urease.
Prestarters. Prestarter mixed feeds for piglets are produced on a separate line. Due to this, they have high content of milk components, plant proteins, and special additives.
Packing. Contemporary weighting and packing unit ensures high quality packing of prestarter mixed feed with consideration to desired weight. Customer`s bags may be used for packing.
Logistics. The Company delivers products by contemporary feed trailers.
Flexible pricing. Product end price is transparent for the customer. It may be tailored for individual needs of each customer, with various options for procurement of incoming raw materials.
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