AGROECO Group manufactures and sells animal feed. Feed production takes place in the Pavlovsky and Talovsky Districts of the Voronezh Region. The whole production process is high-tech and fully automated. New, modern feed mills ensure the quality of the produced feed, which meets all applicable standards and biosecurity requirements.

Advantages of the AGROECO feed

Formulation – the ability to create a feed or prestarter according to your formula and using your own or our raw materials
Biosecurity – our company pays a lot of attention to biosecurity when designing and constructing plants and grain elevators, by dividing the area into clean and grey zones. We separate buildings, structures, roads and infrastructure to prevent intersection of raw material transport with finished product transport, as well as with operating personnel
Raw material quality control: the presence of technological and chemical laboratories, with control at each processing stage. All incoming raw grain goes through strict laboratory control with selection performed by the French KOBRA robot. The grain delivered by each vehicle is analysed using the German FOSS NIRS DA1650 feed analyser. All incoming raw grain is cleaned and heat treated on Buhler separators and MEGA grain dryers from Switzerland. Raw material is kept at a temperature of up to 70 °C for up to 30 minutes to ensure maximum decontamination
High technologies – the use of equipment made by the world’s leading manufacturers like Van Aarsen, Amandus Kahl and Buhler, who played an active role in the design by providing the best Western engineering specialists. The software allows us to create detailed reports about the production process, with the ability to track the quantity of each component, its manufacturer, supplier, batch and delivery date for each batch of feed
Flexible microdosing: the number of microdosing lines (4 microdosing units with 8 hoppers each) allows us to maintain the formulation accuracy of the produced feed despite a large number of different components. Prestarter line equipment allows us to produce feed with granules, in accordance with the customer's needs
A unique soybean processing line, the only one in Russia that uses a hydrothermal reactor to evenly steam soybeans, as well as cereal and legume mixtures before expansion. It produces more than 30,000 tonnes of soybean products per year with stable quality indicators. Product quality control is performed using the methods of trypsin and urease inhibitor control developed by the American Soybean Association
Additional cleaning: we have an extra Buhler separator installed, which provides fine grain cleaning (0.3% of impurities), as well as machines for hulling and rolling when preparing prestarter feed
Packing – a modern weighing and packing machine provides high-quality packing
A powerful grinder ensures that the feed is finely shredded until 80% can pass through a 1 mm sieve. This reduces feeding costs and improves animal health
Quality grain storage in elevators – the company places a lot of emphasis on storage quality to improve grain and silage quality, the storage tanks have been raised 2.5 meters off the ground on tall grillage, which avoids moisture ingress and improves grain aeration. Temperature control is fully automated using suspended temperature sensors that transmit results to displays in the control room and the laboratory
Logistics – the use of modern feed trucks for transporting produce and a convenient transport interchange for delivery to the end customer
Flexible pricing – the final product price is clear to the customer and is made up of the client’s individual needs and various options for purchasing incoming raw materials
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