By combining our eminent production culture, animal welfare and unrivalled biosecurity system, newest technology and Genesus genetic potential, AGROECO Group has created a genetic selection centre, which is located in the Buturlinovsky District of the Voronezh Region. It has the highest biosecurity level, as well as modern methods of record-keeping, identification, production control and determining the animal breeding value, using the Sigapig automated pedigree recording software.

The best samples of Canadian genetics are now available in Russia

The Canadian company Genesus own the largest independently registered population of purebred pigs in the world, with the herd numbering 17,000 animals.

Genesus is modern genetics:

  • a large population for purebred breeding
  • uses the BLUP system with a database containing information about 23 generations – that’s over 1 million animals
  • its inbreeding coefficient, along with information about several past generations, does not exceed 6%

To achieve its genetic progress, the company uses:

sow breeding selection
boar breeding selection
of gilt and boar replacement stock undergo testing
replacement of sows per year
replacement of boars per year

To maintain herd diversity, our Genetic Selection Centre limits the number of inseminations performed by the boars. A boar inseminates no more than 20 sows. All these factors ensure the highest rates of genetic progress, and as a result, the growth of production indicators for commercial stock.

Selection system

The maternal lines consist of two breeds: Canadian Yorkshire and Canadian Landrace, which have excellent maternal traits, rapidly gain weight and have excellent exterior characteristics with the right diet. They are stress-resistant and have high feed consumption during lactation, which ensures the rapid growth of their large litters. The sows have a longer productive life. 93% of the breeding stock has 14 or more functional nipples, allowing the sows to feed their large litters.

The paternal line consists of the Duroc breed, a globally recognized terminal boar of the highest quality. Canadian Duroc swine grow very fast and have a magnificent exterior. The boars are easily trained to mount the dummy, are productive and hardy animals.

Canadian Duroc swine are characterized by an excellent quality carcass and good-tasting meat. The final product is a market animal obtained from a terminal boar.

AGROECO Genetic Selection Centre produce

All purebred animals from AGROECO Group have a pedigree. We guarantee that a system using F1 sows (Yorkshire x Landrace) and Duroc boars maximizes hybrid vigour. Hybrid vigour is not passed on to offspring so it must be optimized through a breeding program. Another advantage of such a scheme is the homogeneity of commercial stock, since all market animals with Genesus genetics have the same breed composition.

Alongside the sale of breeding stock, the Buturlinovskaya Genetic Selection Centre can sell seed from three breeds: Canadian Yorkshire, Canadian Landrace and Canadian Duroc.

The Artificial Insemination Station at the Genetic Selection Centre uses the latest technology for semen analysis, dilution and packing. The fully automated analyser is equipped with innovative software for semen analysis, which allows us to avoid the human factor and obtain the most accurate and objective result, guaranteeing top-quality produce.

Boar semen is processed using the computer analyser’s calculations, taking into account the set key parameters for both our clients (desired morphology, total sperm count…) and our own needs.

The electronic system of boar identification, semen collection operators and lab technicians introduced this year, guarantees no errors during semen collection and further processing.

AGROECO guarantees

optimal animal health.

For your enterprises, AGROECO offers healthy, productive animals with high genetic potential, adapted to the Russian production conditions.

The breeding stock at AGROECO GSI is free from the following diseases: PRRS, leptospirosis, chlamydia, tuberculosis, transmissible gastroenteritis in swine, porcine epidemic diarrhoea, mycoplasmosis, Teschen disease, swine flu, African swine fever, dysentery, brucellosis, actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in pigs, atrophic rhinitis in pigs, classical swine fever, Aujeszky's disease.
AGROECO GSI conducts vaccinations against the following diseases: classical swine fever, swine erysipelas and parvovirus disease.
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Terminal boar
Purebred boar
Purebred boar
Purebred gilt
Purebred gilt
Hybrid F1 gilt
(Yorkshire х Landrace)
Terminal boar
Rearing weight gain, g 1221
Longissimus muscle depth, mm 64,97
Fat thickness, mm 9,54
Weaning weight for the breed (28 days of suckling), kg 8,4
Purebred boar
Rearing weight gain, g 1104
Longissimus muscle depth, mm 61,17
Fat thickness, mm 10,24
Weaning weight for the breed (28 days of suckling), kg 8,3
Purebred boar
Rearing weight gain, g 1147
Longissimus muscle depth, mm 60,99
Fat thickness, mm 9,93
Purebred gilt
Potential infertility on average, heads 16,54
Born alive on average, heads 14,8
Rearing weight gain, g 1024
Longissimus muscle depth, mm 63,26
Fat thickness, mm 10,58
Purebred gilt
Potential infertility on average, heads 15,4
Born alive on average, heads 13,9
Rearing weight gain, g 1070
Longissimus muscle depth, mm 62,20
Fat thickness, mm 10,39
Weaning weight for the breed (28 days of suckling), kg 8,3
Hybrid F1 gilt
(Yorkshire х Landrace)
Estrus expression of the replacement gilts, % 97
Potential infertility, heads 16,9
Born alive, heads 15,3
The sow's turnover per year 2,45
Sales weight of commercial stock in 175 days 130 kg
Production of meat per sow per year/kg live weight more than 4000