About the company Technology

AGROECO Group was founded in 2009.

Top technologies combined with many years of hard work and constant self-improvement have placed the company in 8th place among the largest pork producers in Russia as of 2021, according to the National Union of Pork Producers.

AGROECO Group operates in the Voronezh and Tula Regions.

Two feed mills, capable of producing 630,000 tonnes of animal feed per year, provide the complexes with safe and high-quality feed. A unique biosecurity system is in place on all the pig farms.

The group of companies currently employs more than 4,700 people, including 4,000 working in rural areas.

In 2019, 8 new production sites in Tula region and two sites of the pedigree breeding and genetic center in Voronezh region were launched into service. In 2020 development of the Company`s new livestock cluster in Tula region has been finished and production on the mixed feed plant in Kurkino village of Tula region has been started. Also, projects on construction of new farms and meat processing plant in Voronezh region are currently being implemented.

65,000 ha
total area of own land
used in crop production

81,050 ha
total bank
of own land

7,000 heads
of purebred breeding stock
used for breeding

274,080 tonnes
annual live pork weight
production in 2020

5,100 people
total workforce


Production of delicious and environmentally-friendly pork
Efficient work with a fair and decent salary
Implementation of modern technology
Creating conditions for professional development for employees
Revival of the Russian village

Facility map

Voronezh region
Tula region
Pig Farm
Meat Processing Plant
Feed Mills
Fleet Depot
Artificial Insemination Station
Pedigree Breeding Centre
Under construction